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Teacher and Young Student

Teacher and Young Student

Success Institute Charter

Interested Student

Interested Student

Success Institute Charter School

Success Institute Charter School

Success Institute
Charter School

Welcome to Success Institute

Success Institute Charter School is a K-8 Charter School serving families in Rowan and Iredell Counties for over 20 years. We creatively teach the Common Core curriculum, foundational principles of business, and key elements of entrepreneurial success.

Success Institute has been instrumental in assisting students from disadvantaged backgrounds to meet and exceed academic growth. Our school welcomes all types of students – from accelerated learners to transitional students. 

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in grades K-8.

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Worried About Tuition?

Tuition is not a factor
because we are a public school supported by the State of North Carolina.

  The Secret to Success   

At Success Institute Charter School, our teachers truly care about the well-being of our students. With the school's small class sizes, every child is seen, heard, and valued. Our teachers can give every student personalized instruction based on their learning attributes, and students know they can count on their teachers if they're having a bad day.


The social-emotional health of our students is important to be monitored so they can have a productive learning experience inside the classroom. If our students feel emotionally burdened, their teachers will check in and give that student an opportunity to talk to them. 


Additionally, students are taught personal accountability where they play an active role in tracking their academic progress. This keeps our students engaged in their journey to becoming knowledgeable citizens who are empowered, curious, and critical thinkers. Our Leadership Team, Micro-society, and 21st Century Learning programs give our students a real-world education with experiences that will prepare them for the next chapter of their life after Success Institute.

Many students go on to be accepted into early college programs within the community. Our academic accountability and social-emotional learning instill maturity in our Success Institute alumni which prepares them for the academic rigor and maturity of a college classroom environment.

   Recipient of the Digital Partner Grant  


In 2021, Success Institute was fortunate enough to be awarded the Digital Partner Grant of $100,000 by the Statesville Public Library!


This tremendous grant has allowed us to provide laptops to every student at our school with supplemental technology instruction by the Stateville Public Library on a bi-weekly basis.

Our Digital Partner Grant will help students master technology and learn how to implement these skills with their day-to-day lessons, homework, and projects.

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