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Parent and Family Engagement Policy



Parent and Family Engagement Policy




Communicating and providing ongoing opportunities for parents to partner with the school and be involved in the educational process with their children.


Informational and Educational Opportunities for our school will include:

  • Open House -  Parents will meet with teachers and be given opportunities to become involved in their child’s education.  The Title I Policy is distributed and reviewed during open house.

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences - Teachers will hold conferences with parents at least once each semester. One before Thanksgiving Break and one before Spring Break. The progress of the student will be discussed and explained, as well as the expectations for the grade level, school curriculum, academic assessments, and any other concerns that the teacher or parent may have.  Additional parent/teacher conferences are held as requested and needed. Parent/Teacher/Student Compact is reviewed and signed during the 1st semester conference.

  • Kindergarten Registration - An orientation and overview of kindergarten along with a student screening for upcoming kindergarten families.

  • Curriculum Nights - Teachers talk with families on what is being taught in the classroom and how parents can help students at home. A description and explanation of the curriculum at SICS, and academic progress is measured using i-Ready, NC Check-ins, and teacher made assessments.

  • VIP - Victory in Partnership (Our PTO) members work to improve the educational experience for students through donations, raising funds, volunteering, coordinating events, and representing parents.

  • REMIND app - Timely information is provided through the Automated texting system utilized by administration/teachers to keep parents informed of school specific events, concerns, celebrations, and reminders.

  • Online Access - School website and Facebook accounts featuring schoolwide information, activities, and reminders.

  • School Improvement Team - All parents have online access to our school improvement plan. UN: guests15496 and PW: guests15496

  • Annual Meeting - Flexible meeting dates will be held at the beginning of the year, middle of the year, and end of the year to ensure all parents are informed about the Title I program and their rights.

  • School Improvement Plan - Representatives to the state School Improvement Family Engagement Workshops shared information with the staff and added objectives to the School Improvement Plan.

Parent/Student/Teacher Compact - Annually reviewed and signed during the 1st semester Parent/Student/Teacher Conference


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