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The mission of Success Institute Charter School is to provide a holistic and challenging educational environment that enhances both students and their families.

Definition of "Volunteer"
A volunteer is defined as an unpaid person assisting under the direction of a licensed teacher or administrator.

Volunteer Program Policy
Success recognizes that volunteers provide valuable assistance to instructional programs, to school personnel and to students' educational enrichment opportunities. We encourage volunteer participation by individuals and groups in local schools, district and region-level capacities and various specialized educational programs of the district.

Criminal Records Check
All volunteers must complete a criminal history verification form (background check) and a district or school volunteer information form before volunteering. Background checks are good for three years. 

Helpful information
Volunteers who itemize income taxes may deduct some expenses. Deductions may include:

  • Mileage to and from the site of volunteer services, or transportation expenses incurred during the 
    volunteer activity

  • Telephone bills for calls made in connection with volunteer work

  • Non-cash contributions of property, such as clothing or household items

  • Miscellaneous supplies and educational materials

Volunteers may not deduct expenses for dependent care, such as child care (even if they incur those 
expenses in order to volunteer) or the value of their time and service.

For more  information on tax deductions, please contact Administration at 704-881-0441.

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