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Success Institute Charter School was founded in August of 2000. Success Institute currently services the academic needs of students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

It is our goal to maintain high standards and continue to provide the best in education. We have been recognized as a School of High growth for the years 2006-07, 2009-10, and 2011-12. 

We are very excited about these distinctions and look forward to continued growth in the years to 

Success' T's of Triumph


Tuition is not a factor at Success Institute since it is a public school paid for by the state of North Carolina.

Teachers at Success Institute are certified and licensed to teach the North Carolina Standard course of study for the state of NC.

Techniques for teaching children in grades K-8 will be a combination of both traditional and innovative instructional styles all of which will be preparatory for the student's  passing of state mandated accountability tests and expectations.


Technology is an integral part of the educational process at Success Institute. Success has a complete computer lab where we utilize modern technology, learning software and we have access to the Internet.

Our students will be prepared for their rapidly changing technological environment. We also take advantage of  
HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills), NC Computer Skills, Test Preparation, Blackboard Program, as well as the use 
of technology for academic assignments.

Teamwork is the heartbeat of Success Institute. Parents, public schools, police officers, preachers, politicians, professionals, and private corporations of our area are all considered partners by the Success Institute Administrative Staff.


Parental and community outreach  programs are also vital to Success Institute Charter School. These programs consist of collaborations with Victory in 
Partnership (VIP), and Responding Effectively to Assist Children Needing Help (REACH).

Talents innate and acquired by the Success Institute student will be identified by trained personnel. A Personal Empowerment Plan (PEP) will be tailored for the children 
by utilizing traditional and innovative types of instruction. This will foster relevance and personal enthusiasm in the child's educational process.


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